Debate camp is a fun way to learn more about debate, meet other students, and gain some new skills over the summer. Historically, Dallas UDA students who attend summer debate camp find that they are better competitors at tournaments the following year. We hope you will consider attending debate camp this summer! Our goal in providing summer workshop opportunities is to help debaters cultivate the skills necessary for success and for fun!

This summer, the Dallas UDA will again offer a FREE one-week residential camp from Sunday June 10th to Sunday June 17th. Our staff will rival that of any high school debate camp in the country and will likely include current coaches of the following schools and universities: Dartmouth College, Jesuit College Prep, Southern Methodist Univ., Univ. Of North Texas, Univ of Texas – Austin, Univ of Texas – San Antonio, Wake Forest Univ, Westwood High School. We will also have guest lectures from debate coaches from across the country.

In addition to free meals, free supplies, and a free stay, the students will be a part of a specialized and customized curriculum designed just for the needs and to produce success at Dallas UDA tournaments. It’ll also be a chance to get to know and build life-long friendships with the students of other schools. Local colleges and universities will also get information on students there and be able to recruit students in attendance at our residential camp for college entrance and scholarships. Students will have three meals, plus snacks, provided. Although they will need to bring sheets, towels and other personal needs, our dorm staff will also be there to take care of students and help ensure they have what they need.

In order to apply for this residential camp, we ask that students complete pages 2 – 8 of this packet of forms. It is our hope that we will be able to accommodate all committed students who fully complete the application; however, we reserve the right to select based on criteria including attendance to tournaments this year. Students will also need to provide a $25 deposit. This deposit will be returned, in full, once the student has successfully completed the camp. The deposit may be paid by cash, check, or money order – no credit cards please. Checks should be made out to “The Dallas UDA.” If you have questions about this deposit, please contact Nicole Serrano – 972-926-3832 or .

The following are some deadlines that will be helpful to you in the camp process.
Question & Answer sessions for parents and students
(It is MANDATORY you, the student, either attend one of the meetings or set up a time to discuss the process over the phone with Nicole)
Tuesday, March 20th at SMU Umphrey Lee 241 6pm – 7pm
Wednesday, March 21st at Sunset Room 161 6pm – 7pm
If you are unable to attend one of these meetings, please set up an appointment with Nicole Serrano to discuss the process over the phone
Wednesday, March 28th - complete camp application (with deposit) is due to your coach

Upon acceptance, students will also be required to attend a short, mandatory camp meeting about the rules and regulations of the Dallas UDA camp. These meetings will occur in May around the city or by appointment.

If you are unsure of your summer plans, please apply. You may cancel (and receive a full refund) up to May 21st.

The Dallas UDA has set aside a very limited pool of funds to provide students with the opportunity to attend a debate camp at another college or university. These funds are only available for students who are rising seniors, entering their fourth year of debate, and have successfully completed a Dallas UDA camp previously. Attendance at the Dallas UDA residential one-week camp is also required. In order to apply for these funds, please complete the full packet of material.

It is our hope that everyone will want to attend the Dallas UDA Residential camp. Please fill out the appropriate forms in full and return forms and deposit to Nicole Serrano by Wednesday, March 28th. You may do this by providing all forms to your debate coach who will facilitate delivery to Nicole. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole at or 972-926-3832.